Building Healthy Families seeks to foster health in the families of Manchester by building the capacity of parents.  The BrightStart Family Workshop is for parents of young children (pre-natal to age four) and any older children through age 8. The workshop enhances the skills of parents and other care-givers by encouraging an optimal home environment to improve their baby's success in life.

The BrightStart Family Workshop emphasizes how parents can stimulate brain development.  Parents and caregivers are the single most important part of an infant's world.  Parents with knowledge and skills can equip their young children to enter school ready to learn and thrive.  Key parts of the workshop focus on creating opportunities for children to grow up healthy in every dimension of life.

We are one part of a much bigger strategy in Manchester to help children, youth and families thrive.  Our focus on the first three years of life is part of a wider effort to improve the first two decades of life for all young residents of Manchester.  Building Healthy Families is part of a network of resources from our town, local institutions and other non-profits.  To learn more about this effort see Manchester's Early Childhood Plan and the Early Childhood Edition of the Better Manchester Magazine.